go2geo: resolve geocaching waypoints

How to use:

To be redirected to the apropriate page, just type: http://geokrety.org/go2geo/ and waypoint name, eg:

Supported waypoints:

geocaching databases

Opencaching DEOCtry it with OC0531
Opencaching PLOPtry it with OP05E5
Opencaching CZOZtry it with OZ0064
Opencaching UKOKtry it with OK0014
Opencaching USAOUtry it with OU0004
Opencaching SEOStry it with OS0064
Opencaching NOONtry it with ON0064
Opencaching LVOLtry it with OL0064
Opencaching JPOJtry it with OJ0004
Opencaching.COMOXtry it with OX13MC9
geocaching.comGCtry it with GC1X3Z0
terracachingTCtry it with TCCWU
navicacheNtry it with N00AB3
Geocaching @gpsgames.orgGEtry it with GE0174
Geocaching AustraliaGAtry it with GA0141
GeoCaching RussiaGE/ VI/ MS/ TR/ EX/try it with TR/1470
Geocaching RomaniaGRtry it with GR0041
Geocaching TranssylvaniaRHtry it with RH0004

other GPS games

waymarking.comWMtry it with WM78XF
ShutterSpotSHtry it with SH0030
GeodashingGDnn-XXXXtry it with GD96-YKIK
TrigpointingUKTPXXXXtry it with TP7379

trackable items

geokrety.orgGKtry it with GK05E5
travelbugsTBtry it with TB2771P
traveler tagsTtry it with TF4C2