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POZOR! However it is possible to perform operations on GeoKrety without logging in, we encourage you to create an account and log in. It will take you about 15 seconds :).

1. Choose log type


2. Identify GeoKret

Tracking Code:
6 characters from GeoKret label, eg. XF3ACS. Do not use code starting with 'GK' here

3. New location

? Learn more about hiding geokrets in GC caches...

eg.: GC1AQ2N, OP069B, OC033A... HELP
    or name of cache: HELP
Acceptable geographic coordinate formats
eg.52.1534 21.0539
N 52° 09.204 E 021° 03.234
N 52° 9' 12.2400" E 21° 3' 14.0400"

4. Additional data

Date: calendar
Time: HH (0-23) MM
Enter exact time when You think it may be important.
Optional. characters left.
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