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We are back. But be carefull...
Comments (3) - 2011-11-18 (GK Team)
We had a very serious hardware failure, but hopefully we managed to recover after it without any data loss. But there is also a good point of that incident - we have a new - better hardware which hopefully will serve Geokrety more reliable than the old one.
Please note, that the recovery procedure is in progress, so the website may go offline without notice during next few days. Sorry for inconvenience!
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2011-11-19 13:03
No stress, du moment que rien n'est perdu ;-)
2011-11-30 21:54
Today we had another hardware failure (one of the RAM stick had errors). But I hope we are getting better and this was the last serious incident of our website.
2011-12-01 20:15
This evening (about 22CET) we are planning to swich off our website for about 1/2 hour to add more ram sticks and perform some tests. Sorry for inconvenience!
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