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NameCacheCommentDateDistance travelled
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Picked this up in a geocache today. I'll move it along as soon as possible. This is the fi(...) 28 Dec 2012
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC1HA90 This is a puzzle cache but the solution is not too hard. It may be a few months before the(...) 23 Feb 2012 3 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Will drop off soon! 16 Feb 2012
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us 61.16668/-149.75295
Coordinates of the cache where I picked this up 05 Feb 2012 3922 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen grabbed out of GC2K898 Quadventure's Great Adventure 04 Feb 2012
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen 08 Dec 2011
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Found in GC139FA in Acme, Washington. 20 Sep 2010
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Found this at Living Large in Lynnwood from the site. I will pass this on (...) 30 May 2010
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC252NC Nice World Wide Flash Mob here in San Diego. (GC252NC) About 50 people showed up so I'm co(...) 15 May 2010 6 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen I was at the World Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) event this morning and happened to see this cute (...) 15 May 2010
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen I picked this up from boysnbarrie at the "10 Years Of Geocaching - San Diego - Thanks Dav(...) 01 May 2010
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC217FV Dropeed off here 08 Jan 2010 72 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Picked up from GC1VHC5 - For the love of July 04 Dec 2009
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Picked up at "The Hatpin Hangout" (GCZKPZ)in San Diego Co., California 09 Nov 2009
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Grabbed from the above location and will move it along. Seeing as my wife was born and gr(...) 05 Oct 2009
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC1H0WB Left this one north of the Sunrise Highway in the Laguna Mountains in the Cleveland Nation(...) 19 Sep 2009
73 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Picked up our very first GeoKrety in GC1NVRJ in Pt Loma, San Diego, California, USA. We d(...) 09 Sep 2009
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC1NVRJ found geokrety 2 weeks ago now it's traveled way down the coast 06 Sep 2009 730 km
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen us GC1984R 18 Aug 2009
9057 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Found it in Luxembourg and it will take the plane to California tomorrow at 11.05 AM 11 Aug 2009
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen lu 49.77670/6.44035
Have a nice trip ... 01 Aug 2009
15 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen a nice Glücksschwein! 20 Jul 2009
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen de 49.66278/6.55730
. 16 Jul 2009 327 km
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen de GCXNAE Takes a long time to take it anywhere, but now it took some miles! 17 Jun 2009 235 km
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen First set the wrong action, don't know how to edit a log at this page! taken with me, whil(...) 08 May 2009
Dropped to Glücksschweinchen de GC1AAGD taken with me, while checking the stages of my cache. So that the pig can bring luck to me(...) 08 May 2009 0 km
Dropped to Snoopy the cache-seeker de GC1HY24 Hier ist ein guten Plätzchen für Snoopy. Machs gut und wandere schön weit. 30 Nov 2008
144 km
Grabbed from Snoopy the cache-seeker Gefunden und mitgenommen 18 Nov 2008
Dropped to Snoopy the cache-seeker de GC172D6 Machs's gut und danke für den Cache! 31 Oct 2008 18 km
Grabbed from Jeep Collected from Anagram Dale cache just North of Leeds, Yorkshire, England 08 Nov 2008
Grabbed from Snoopy the cache-seeker 25 Oct 2008
Dropped to Snoopy the cache-seeker de OC1F0D
Bei der Suche nach diesem Cache hat uns der Snoopy prima unterstützt... 25 Oct 2008
54 km
Grabbed from Snoopy the cache-seeker Bevor der kleine Snoopy lange in der Dose friert, habe ich ihn gleich mitgenommen. 23 Oct 2008
Dropped to Snoopy the cache-seeker de 50.82540/6.84062
23 Oct 2008
23 km
Grabbed from Snoopy the cache-seeker Den netten Hund haben wir mal mitgenommen 15 Oct 2008
Seen in Glücksschweinchen de GC1AAGD Seen in die Codes der teufelsschlucht 12 Oct 2008 217 km
Dropped to Snoopy the cache-seeker de GC1DYRB Und weiter geht die Reise 11 Oct 2008 5 km
Grabbed from Snoopy the cache-seeker Aus GC1CWVE dem Froshkönig genommen. Sabrina & Martin Team KrasserMann 28 Sep 2008
Grabbed from Glücksschweinchen Gefunden in Franken. 03 Aug 2008
Dropped to Jeep gb 56.73500/-3.78125
Cache GCT0K6 Tenandry very beautiful location in Scotland 27 Jul 2008
461 km
Dropped to Jeep p1 56.73500/3.78125
27 Jul 2008
873 km
Grabbed from Jeep unser erster GeoKrety, im Wald bei Schwetzingen am Ziel eines tollen Multilevel Cache gefu(...) 16 Jul 2008
Dropped to Jeep de OC4D10
03 May 2008
49 km
Grabbed from Jeep von NooN und Elrond im Dreieck Bonus gefunden. Unser erster GeoKrety! 02 May 2008
Dropped to Jeep de GC134JD Good luck! 27 Apr 2008 157 km
Seen in Glücksschweinchen de GCVKQ4 Gesehen in Karlsruhe "nix wie weg" 21 Apr 2008
0 km
Grabbed from Jeep 11 Apr 2008
Dropped to Jeep de GC1A6AY ...und weiter gehts ins TB Motel Köln Königsforst an der A3. Den gibts zwar nich(...) 09 Apr 2008
24 km
Seen in Glücksschweinchen de 49.00892/8.41622
gesehen in Karlsruhe in Cache "Nix wie weg!" 09 Apr 2008
Faust 64
0 km
Grabbed from Jeep Hui, mein erster GeoKrety. Habe ihn im Geocache "In den Klauen des Ungenannten - Nachtcach(...) 08 Apr 2008
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