Normal day Mr. Nonsense
Info: GeoKret Mr. Nonsense (Traditional) by htfarmgirl
Reference Number:GK150A4
Total distance: 31 km
Places visited: 2
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Country track: CA(2)
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I love the Little Miss and Mr. Men Series of books created by Roger Hargreaves. Let’s see how much joy these happy little figurines can spread throughout the world!

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Dropped to
31 km
ca GC3MAXY 2021-10-15 12:00 / FourKirliks
Mr nonsense visited a few caches in Surrey, Ladner & Langley during his stay with us. Left him at Aldergrove regional park for someone else to take him for a while.
Grabbed from
2021-10-03 12:00 / Fourkirliks
Thought this guy was a trackable but quickly learned about geokrety. We’ll take him on an adventure and drop him along somewhere
* htfarmgirl: Yeah! Thanks for playing along! I thought the same thing when I found my first Geokrety not that long ago. I love the trackables, but can't afford to buy a lot of them This way we can play for free!
Dropped to
0 km
ca GCVG5Y 2021-08-22 12:00 / htfarmgirl
Left Mr. Nonsense to play in the mud :)


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