Normal day Tiny blue flower
Info: GeoKret Tiny blue flower (Traditional) by ekorren
Reference Number:GK10646
Total distance: 6746 km
Places visited: 38
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Tiny blue flower
Tiny blue flower
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Dropped to
6 km
ch 46.69375/7.75403 (Search 2018-10-05 16:00 / Büssli1950
Vom Niederhorn via Gelmerhorn in Justistal gewandert. Die Hirschen waren noch nicht am röhren, dafür ein Altweiber Sommer. Via Grön nach Beatenberg gewandert und den Cache Niesenblick besucht. Den TB abgelegt. Wünschen Dir eine gute Reise.
Grüsse BÜSSLI1950
Dipped in
155 km
ch 46.72282/7.81622 (Search 2018-10-04 15:00 / Büssli1950
Schöner Platz
Dipped in
17 km
de 47.74465/9.21907 (Search 2018-09-29 17:00 / Büssli1950
Letzter Cache heute.
Grabbed from
2018-09-14 12:00 / Büssli1950
Erhalten aus Nederland von meiner Schwester
Grabbed from
2018-05-12 12:05 / Büssli1950
Dropped to
406 km
ch GC4AE4R 2018-04-28 11:59 / ekorren api icon
Da wir einige Trackables aus dem Norden mitgebracht haben, auf der Karte nach halbwegs gelegenen Regulars entlang der S8 gesucht und diesen hier entdeckt. Also mal vorbeigeschaut und die Bestände durchgetauscht, in der Hoffnung, dass die TB hier bald wieder mitgenommen werden.
Dipped in
2332 km
de GC5BB7P 2018-04-15 10:39 / ekorren api icon
Beim Warten auf den Anschlusszug auf einer kleinen Rund-um-den-Bahnhof-Tour gefunden. Immerhin ein Fund neben zwei DNF...
Dipped in
32 km
is GC1YTJ2 2018-04-14 10:36 / ekorren api icon
This was our last cache of a great tour through Iceland.

We went to the airport airport in time to check in and while waiting for the flight visited the two caches. Here we met a little group of american cachers which just had arrived.

At this moment we didn't know that we would stay here for six more hours because our flight got canceled due to technical problems with the plane...

Thanks for placing and maintaining the cache!
Dipped in
16 km
is GC2BY5T 2018-04-13 19:02 / ekorren api icon
On our way to the Seltún geothermal area we stopped here for a little break and to explore the otherworldly landscape along the lake. Great place, thanks for placing a cache here!

At the location we first tried a wrong approach on a wrong level. Climbed a bit through the rocks and finally found the right way.

Since the box is damaged and the logbook remains impossible to sign, we put in a new film container with a new logbook. Hope this solution will hold for a while.

@Owner: I think you may consider this as "maintenance performed".
Dipped in
70 km
is GC33PXE 2018-04-13 16:45 / ekorren api icon
On the way back to Reykjavik we did a short stopover here. Nice Place.
Dipped in
21 km
is GC6JQCW 2018-04-12 21:48 / ekorren api icon
In the evening of our Golden Circle day we went to this historic place. We kind of had expected to find a bit more "old stuff" but it was still a nice place.
Thanks to the owner for placing this cache :)
Dipped in
9 km
is GC2AHNP 2018-04-12 18:20 / ekorren api icon
We saw this on the map on our Golden Circle tour and spontaneously decided to go here. A really great place so different to the touristy ones we had visited before!

On the location we first tried a wrong level, then found another approach to the coordinates. The ice was mostly gone after a few days of warm weather, so we had no problems retrieving the box.

Thanks for showing :)
Dipped in
8 km
is GC3BX97 2018-04-12 17:36 / ekorren api icon
D Little purple flower
Buch Ladybird Ladybird

When we approached the Gullfoss, we took a look on the listing and found that, unlike many of the earthcaches which require either much text work or cheating, this looked like a nice little multi. So we gathered the answers during our walk through the site and then went for the final.

Thanks to the owner :)
Dipped in
41 km
is GC4DFYH 2018-04-12 16:42 / ekorren api icon
We had seen this listing and thought that it would make a nice little detour after the touristy spots at the Geysir park.

Indeed a beautiful quiet spot, and we found an unspoiled warm spring nearby. Thanks for showing :)
Dipped in
29 km
is GC3W68R 2018-04-12 13:26 / ekorren api icon
On our visit to the Þingvellir we ouf course visited this cache as well - or rather, what's left of it. More a ruin of a cache, the box really should be replaced.
Dipped in
16 km
is GC48R1Y 2018-04-11 13:35 / ekorren api icon
Nelly 01 needed to buy lots of wool, and we found that the wool shop here wasn't too far from our accommodation so we walked there. Being here, we of course also visited the two caches.

Thanks for the box with space for some items at a very nice place :)
Dipped in
11 km
is GCKA0T 2018-04-10 19:45 / ekorren api icon
After a long walk along the shore we reached the place here in the evening perfectly in schedule. Counted the poles and got plausible coordinates. Went over there and after a few minutes of searching we found a lid, then also a box.

Since the lid doesn't close, we did not put anything in.
Dipped in
67 km
is GC6E9HX 2018-04-09 18:35 / ekorren api icon
At the town in Germany where we live someone made a whole cache series based on the Icelandic Santas. Sadly the series isn't maintained any more so were never able to complete it. However, that's where we know all of them from ;)

We had a bit leftover time to spend and went here out to the island. The fact that this box was large enough to hold items was one more reason to visit it. Added a trackable Santa ;)

Thanks and greetings from Germany :)

K Pokerchip 3, Sjors
D Secret Santa
Dipped in
191 km
is GC4D1T8 2018-04-09 11:43 / ekorren api icon
Coming over from the Grábrók hostel we visited this really beautiful waterfall.

Finding the cache was a bit difficult, though, since we obviously tried a wrong approach first. This looked a bit too dangerous to us, but we then discovered that there was another, less dangerous route to the cache. Using this we were successful.

Btw, I'm a bit surprised about the number of "found" logs where people describe why they didn't even search. How's not even trying a find?
Dipped in
7 km
is GC51GAH 2018-04-07 16:09 / ekorren api icon
Staying at Akureyri, we walked out here on uncommon ways with nice views, greeted the horses and walked back to the city.
Nice place, thanks for the cache :)
Dipped in
194 km
is GC1Y1Q8 2018-04-06 15:03 / ekorren api icon
On our first afternoon in Akureyri we walked out here to the Botanical Garden and found a lot of snow ;) Luckily this was no problem here - we did easily find the cache.
(On the previous days, we failed on four of six caches in Austurland because of too much snow...)
Dipped in
509 km
is GC5WV8P 2018-04-03 12:51 / ekorren api icon
We had arrived with the Norröna ferry in the morning and went here for our first cache in Iceland. Finding a way to the cache wasn't exactly easy but finally we stood at the walls. Which were partly obscured by layers of hard ice, also searching in a snowstorm wasn't really comfortable.

However, the cache was reachable and we could log it.

Thanks to the owner(s) :)
Dipped in
3 km
fo GCMPFC 2018-04-02 12:03 / ekorren api icon
Still a few minutes left before we had to board the Norröna, we visited the Skansin and watched a group of children and adults throwing Easter Eggs down the slope. Seems to be a local tradition of some sort?

However, the cache was luckily hidden at a place where it was outside of the event so we could go and log it undisturbed.
Dipped in
2 km
fo GC4RJ3X 2018-04-02 09:48 / ekorren api icon
Our visit to Tórshavn was only a short one while the Norröna docked at the harbor. This was as far as we got and it was worth the way.
Very beautiful location, thanks for showing, and greetings from Germany :)
Dipped in
1053 km
fo GC20JWK 2018-04-02 08:03 / ekorren api icon

While the Norröna docked at the harbor, we explored Tórshavn and its surroundings on foot. This took us also here. Nice view on the city.

No problems with muggles in a public holiday morning ;)
Dipped in
60 km
dk GCXRQP 2018-03-31 07:53 / ekorren api icon
On a walk through Hirtshals while waiting for the ferry we also took a look at the lighthouse. Very nice spot, thanks and greetings from 1000 km south :)
Dipped in
165 km
dk GCRC8H 2018-03-31 03:39 / ekorren api icon
On our way north lack of a better connection forced us to wait for more than an hour for our train in the very early morning of the night. We used this time for a little walk into town and a few caches ;)

This one we visited already on our way back to the station, and found it easily.
Dipped in
89 km
dk GC1B6PK 2018-03-30 22:23 / ekorren api icon
On our way north lack of a better connection forced us to wait here about an hour for our train in the middle of the night. We used this time for two caches ;)

This one was an easy find using the hint and following the tracks of earlier visitors.
Dipped in
143 km
de OC13EF6 Kirchenmaus SSVC (Virtual) 2018-03-30 19:54 / ekorren api icon

Auf dem Weg nach Norden haben Nelly 01 und ich hier in Flensburg einen Zwischenstopp eingelegt und die Maus besucht.

Das Logfoto steckt in der Kamera, da komm ich erst dran, wenn wir wieder zu Hause sind. Wird nachgeliefert!

Grüße an den Owner :)

Foto siehe Kamera
Dipped in
0 km
de OC1121B Traditionsschiffhafen Metaaussicht (Traditional) 2018-03-30 15:49 / ekorren api icon
Auf dem Weg nach Norden zusammen mit Nelly 01 einen kleinen Zwischenstopp in Hamburg eingelegt. Schöne Stelle hier, aber das Listing war leider etwas verwirrend. Ein Tradi ist das jedenfalls nicht...

Trotzdem den echten Final angesteuert und nach diversen Fehlversuchen das Döschen doch noch gefunden.
Dipped in
464 km
de OC12409 Cremoninsel (Traditional) 2018-03-30 14:21 / ekorren api icon
Wenn schon mal ein OC-Only am Weg liegt, muss man den auch mitnehmen ;) Das Objekt war schon aus Entfernung erspäht und das Logbuch schnell signiert.

Danke an den Owner :)
Dipped in
96 km
de GC2BJ6M 2018-03-30 08:49 / ekorren api icon
Auf dem Weg nach Norden hatten wir eine halbe Stunde Umsteigezeit. Da ja schon vorher klar war, dass es hier keine Dose gibt, Fotos vom Bahnhof gemacht und wieder abgezogen.
Danke für den kleinen Zeitvertreib :)

Hinweis: Falls das Foto fehlt, hat da was am Handy nicht geklappt. Das Foto wird dann in ca. 2-3 Wochen nachgereicht.
Dipped in
43 km
de OC13086 New Korb City: PETling CEMETERY (Traditional) 2018-03-25 12:00 / ekorren
Hat auch mal in Korb vorbeigeschaut...
Dipped in
23 km
de GC3FCF7 2018-03-21 12:00 / ekorren
Kurzer Abstecher zum ehemaligen Bahnhof Pfullingen
Dipped in
58 km
de GC5F6DQ 2018-03-19 12:00 / ekorren
Nochmal auf die Fildern...
Dipped in
54 km
de GC29YM6 2018-03-18 12:00 / ekorren
Kurzer Abstecher nach Bad Herrenalb und Ettlingen...
Dipped in
120 km
de OCFC37 Leitplanken (Traditional) 2018-03-05 12:00 / ekorren
In Echterdingen umgestiegen...
Dipped in
57 km
de GC79H12 2018-03-03 15:00 / ekorren
Besuch in Worms
Dipped in
179 km
de GC6BVY7 2018-03-03 12:00 / ekorren
Nach Frankfurt mitgekommen
Dipped in
0 km
de 48.51572/9.05537 (Search 2018-02-23 12:00 / ekorren
Hier geboren :)
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