Normal day B&B's Boo
Info: GeoKret B&B's Boo (Traditional) by BeautyAndBeast
Reference Number:GK12BD
Total distance: 11 km
Places visited: 2
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Country track: PL(2)
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[ENG] Skeleton triplets Grumpy, Bumpy and Boo are 3 fun loving brothers who hang out on cemeteries and sometimes scare the hell out of people. Right now you're meeting Boo.

Thanks for taking care of our GeoKret :)

[EST] Luukere kolmikud Grumpy, Bumpy ja Boo on kolm nalja armastavat venda, kellele meeldib surnuaedades konutada ning inimesi surnuks hirmutada. Hetkel kohtud sa Boo'ga.

Aitäh, et meie GeoKreti eest hoolitsete :)
B&B's Boo
B&B's Boo
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Dipped in
11 km
pl OP2126 Stary Żoliborz (Quiz) 2009-11-01 13:00 / BeautyAndBeast
Helped to solve this quiz-cache and then admired the autumn colours in the park :)

Photo: Boooo
Boooo'ing around the park
Photo: Autumn colours
Autumn colours
Grabbed from
2009-10-30 18:01 / BeautyAndBeast
Dropped to
0 km
pl OP1B2C EPWA Hotel GeoKretów (Traditional) 2009-10-30 18:00 / BeautyAndBeast
Short visit to watch some planes

Photo: Watching planes
Watching planes
Photo: Warsaw airport, runway
Warsaw airport, runway
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