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Info: GeoKret B&B's Referee Mousie 1 (Traditional) by BeautyAndBeast
Reference Number:GK128B
Total distance: 3606 km
Places visited: 5
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Country track: PL(1) -> TR(1) -> KW(3)
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[ENG] She wants to spread the love for sports and she is keeping her eye on everybody and everywhere so fair-play rules would be followed. She is small so she has no problems going into the smallest caches.

Thanks for taking care of our GeoKret :)

[EST] Ta soovib levitada spordipisikut ja ta hoiab oma silma peal kõigil ja kõikjal, et ausa spordi reegleid järgitaks. Ta on pisike, seega ei ole ka kõige väiksemad aarded tema jaoks takistuseks.

Aitäh, et meie GeoKreti eest hoolitsete :)
Referees together
Referees together
B&B's Referee Mousie 1
B&B's Referee Mousie 1
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Dipped in
46 km
kw GC21F3V 2009-11-27 16:30 / simor
Visiting at our first cache in Kuwait - the Jal Al-Zour :)

Photo: Flat top of the ridge
Flat top of the ridge
Photo: Jal Al-Zour ridge on a raindy day
Jal Al-Zour ridge on a raindy day
Photo: GK/TB gathering,­­­ with some ammo shells
GK/TB gathering,­­­ with some ammo shells
Dipped in
14 km
kw 29.18631/48.09915 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-20 12:00 / simor
Friday at noon, near a mosque.

Photo: Friday at noon, near a mosque.
Friday at noon, near a mosque.
Dipped in
2168 km
kw 29.23853/47.97061 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-03 02:00 / simor
Journey is over, welcome to Kuwait :)

Photo: Destinatio­­­­n Kuwait
Destinatio­­­­n Kuwait
Dipped in
1378 km
tr 40.98264/28.81500 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-02 15:00 / simor
Waiting for the next plane.

Photo: At Istanbul airport
At Istanbul airport
Photo: Istanbul airport postcard
Istanbul airport postcard
Photo: Destinatio­­­­n Istanbul, Turkey
Destinatio­­­­n Istanbul, Turkey
Dipped in
0 km
pl 52.17169/20.97149 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-02 11:00 / simor
Preparing for a long journey.

Photo: At Warsaw airport
At Warsaw airport
Photo: Warsaw airport postcard
Warsaw airport postcard
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