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Info: GeoKret B&B's HOT-6 (Traditional) by BeautyAndBeast
Reference Number:GK1217
Total distance: 3612 km
Places visited: 6
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Country track: PL(1) -> TR(1) -> KW(4)
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6th racer, racing around the world. Loves to see other race cars, dreams of meeting a F1 ;-)

Thanks for taking care of our GeoKret!

[EST] Kuues rallisõitja kihutab ümber maailma. Meeldib kohata teisi rallisõitjad, unistus on kohata F1 autot :)

Aitäh, et meie GeoKreti eest hoolitsete!
B&B's HOT-6
B&B's HOT-6
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Dipped in
6 km
kw GC2NWAX 2011-02-04 16:30 / simor
Odwiedzamy nowa skrzynke 'Windy Rocks'.
Dipped in 'Windy Rocks', a new cache at the Jal Al-Zour ridge in Kuwait.

Photo: The climb
The climb
Photo: Top of the ridge
Top of the ridge
Photo: Windy Rocks cache
Windy Rocks cache
Dipped in
46 km
kw GC21F3V 2009-11-27 16:30 / simor
Visiting at our first cache in Kuwait - the Jal Al-Zour :)

Photo: Flat top of the ridge
Flat top of the ridge
Photo: Jal Al-Zour ridge on a raindy day
Jal Al-Zour ridge on a raindy day
Photo: GK/TB gathering,­­­ with some ammo shells
GK/TB gathering,­­­ with some ammo shells
Dipped in
14 km
kw 29.18631/48.09915 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-20 12:00 / simor
Friday at noon, near a mosque.

Photo: Friday at noon, near a mosque.
Friday at noon, near a mosque.
Dipped in
2168 km
kw 29.23853/47.97061 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-03 02:00 / simor
Journey is over, welcome to Kuwait :)

Photo: Destinatio­­­­n Kuwait
Destinatio­­­­n Kuwait
Dipped in
1378 km
tr 40.98264/28.81500 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-02 15:00 / simor
Waiting for the next plane.

Photo: At Istanbul airport
At Istanbul airport
Photo: Istanbul airport postcard
Istanbul airport postcard
Photo: Destinatio­­­­n Istanbul, Turkey
Destinatio­­­­n Istanbul, Turkey
Dipped in
0 km
pl 52.17169/20.97149 (Search geocaching.com) 2009-11-02 11:00 / simor
Preparing for a long journey.

Photo: At Warsaw airport
At Warsaw airport
Photo: Warsaw airport postcard
Warsaw airport postcard
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