Normal day 9 LED
Info: GeoKret 9 LED (Traditional) by Gackt
Reference Number:GKAC4D
Total distance: 37 km
Places visited: 2
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Country track: GB(2)
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This was a backup LED torch which has travelled with me to many underground places. It is now temperamental after I took a fall in a tricky abanazar dark place, and so I have given it another use, I turn into a GeoKrety.

The code can be found on a card inside of the torch.

There is a TravelFea attached to this GeoKrety.

Dip this one in anywhere, but please only leave in caches, ie, Thank you.
9 LED with Travel Flea
9 LED with Travel Flea
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Altitude profile ?
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Grabbed from
2016-06-30 20:30 / pljg
Grabbed on a FTF trip to abanazar's "Enter the Matrix" Opencache. 10.5 months after its publication and an epic effort. Will, hopefully, move to an opencache in late July.
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Dropped to
37 km
gb OK0356 Enter the Matrix (Quiz) 2015-08-31 12:00 / abanazar
I have finally dropped off this geokret in a suitable cache. I have also attached a laminated label to it, so that it is more readily identified as a geokret. I wish the next prospective holder of 9 LED the best of luck in retrieving it.
Grabbed from
2015-05-04 12:00 / abanazar
I picked this up today and will place it in an Opencache hopefully in the near future.
Dropped to
0 km
gb 51.70165/-1.97987 (Search 2014-05-31 15:00 / Gackt
Placed this new GeoKret with it's Travel Flea attached into this cache to send it on it's way.
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