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Info: GeoKret Evil Blue Bunny (Traditional) by Mr.Yuck
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Total distance: 1042 km
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This is a fuzzy little Blue Bunny figure I picked up as a trade item in Virgil, Ontario. Pretty evil looking, ain't he? He just wants to travel far and wide, spreading the evil joy.
Evil Blue bunny crossing the border into the U.S.
Evil Blue bunny crossing the border into the U.S.
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Dropped to
62 km
us OU0291 ACES: William Boyce (Traditional) 2011-09-03 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
I've finally dropped off Evil Blue Bunny in this cache that I've finally gotten back to, after 5 months. I hope the founder of the Boy Scouts of America can keep EBB in check.
Dipped in
0 km
us OU0310 Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Virtual) 2011-08-29 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
Dipped in
18 km
us OU0310 Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Virtual) 2011-08-28 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
Dipped in
11 km
us OU0306 Where the Sidewalk Ends 4 - Lost Cat (Traditional) 2011-08-21 23:00 / DudleyGrunt
Passed thru.
Seen in
0 km
us 39.09625/-76.83958 (Search 2011-08-21 13:00 / sfcchaz
This is the first GeoKret I've seen. DudleyGrunt brought it to our attention at the Happy Birthday, OCUS event he hosted.
Dipped in
20 km
us OU02D0 Happy Birthday, OCUS! (Event) 2011-08-21 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
Evil Blue Bunny had a good time at the event and didn't cause any trouble. Well, he was in ziplock bag the whole time.
A comment
2011-08-17 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
I've temped fate and brought Evil Blue Bunny to my office. Photos included.

Photo: EEB Acquires His Own Star Fleet
EEB Acquires His Own Star Fleet
Photo: EBB, His New Recruits, & The TARDIS?!?!­
EBB, His New Recruits, & The TARDIS?!?!­
Dipped in
64 km
us OU02F5 It all started here! (Other) 2011-08-14 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
My first found BITcache.
Dipped in
194 km
us 39.66108/-76.98885 (Search 2011-07-23 12:00 / DudleyGrunt

(Finally) found this GC/NC crosslisted cache on the way to the Maryland Geocaching Society 2011 Summer Picnic.
Dipped in
19 km
us 40.18685/-74.81873 (Search 2011-07-16 12:01 / DudleyGrunt
Historic Fallsington Walking Tour (Virtual)

Liked this little town so much, I set up an OCUS virtual here.
Dipped in
22 km
us 40.33108/-74.93272 (Search 2011-07-16 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
Christmas 1776 (Virtual)

One of a few Navicaches on the way home from summer camp, on my way to Fenwick Island, DE.
Dipped in
30 km
us OU01D6 In a Pickle (Quiz) 2011-07-13 13:00 / DudleyGrunt
Another stop on the way to camp.
Dipped in
431 km
us OU02A5 Collingswood Webcam Cache (Webcam) 2011-07-13 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
Stopped here on my way to BSA's Camp Ockinickon to meet up with my Troop 424 for the second half of summer camp.
Dipped in
171 km
us OU0060 A rose is a rose is a.... (Traditional) 2011-07-04 11:00 / DudleyGrunt
Deciding that I should pass the Evil Blue Bunny through some of the OCUS hides I've found since picking him up. I have one physical OCUS hide near home that I still need to get to, so hope to drop him off soon.

I visted "A rose is a rose is a.... " (my 2800th cache find) on the way home from GeoWoodstock IX.
Grabbed from
2011-07-03 12:00 / DudleyGrunt
* DudleyGrunt: Picked up on July 1. This is my first GeoKrety. Will see if I can get him thru 1 OCUS hide in Canada on July 3 and then take this evil creature to my home state. That doesn't really sound like a good idea. Hmmmm.....
Dropped to
0 km
us OU027F Two if by land... (Traditional) 2011-04-17 12:00 / Mr.Yuck
Wanted to start my GeoKrety out on it's travels before Easter, 2011.
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