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Info: GeoKret GeoShroom (Traditional) by Borst68
Reference Number:GK27AA
Total distance: 61 km
Places visited: 3
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Country track: US(3)
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Originally turned to be a wine bottle stopper. The wood developed some cracks. Thought I'd send it on its way to have a real adventure. GeoShroom just wants to travel. Any cache will do, just keep me on the move!
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Dropped to
35 km
us OU00A1 Two mile multi (Multi) 2010-10-15 12:00 / szuchie
Whoa baby! I think I figured this out. This is a nice little spot for a geokretter, so I figured since I can't say when I may next find another OC, I should keep this feller in play. Thanks for the GK! :)

Grabbed from
2010-10-12 12:00 / szuchie
This would also be my first GK move - so I'm pretty excited about it. Now to find a quality cache that this will fit nicely in. Hopefully that won't take long! :)
Dropped to
26 km
us OU00E3 A Unique Walk in Akron (Multi) 2010-10-01 18:30 / Cayuga Crew
I've waiting for a new cache large enough to hold this geokret to publish as I have already visited all the WNY OCUC caches. I knew as soon as I read the cache description that this geokret would be making a stop here.
Grabbed from
2010-09-25 07:30 / Cayuga Crew
The first Geokret I've come across so of course I grabbed it to move it along. Now the question is where to take it. Perhaps a new cache is in order.
Dropped to
0 km
us OU00C1 GWP: The Creepy Red Trail Bonus - The Final Chapter (Quiz) 2010-09-24 12:00 / Borst68
Dropped off to begin its journey!
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