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GK type icon GeoTrain (Hagyományos) by BIO-HAZRD
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Összesen megtett út
1106 km
Meglátogatott helyek
8 éve

My goal is to visit as many other trains around the world as possiable.

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Caption: [Red flag] = start [Yellow flag] = útpontok [Green flag] = Legutóbb itt láttam

57 km
1 hete / J437185

Next stop was the Rochelle Railroad Park to see some freight trains in action.

84 km

Visiting Illinois Railway Museum for the Museum Showcase Weekend, the first time that the museum stayed open all night.

25 km

After getting off the Blue Line downtown, I went to LaSalle Street Station to board a Metra train to the suburbs.

29 km

I took the train that connects the terminals at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and then boarded a CTA Blue Line train to downtown Chicago.

910 km

This is where I found it. The owner BIO-HAZRD was the last finder of the cache but it was not logged there.

3 hete / J437185

I was surprised to find this in a Terracache that had not been found for eight years. (TCA7K in Illinois) This is the first time I've heard of GeoKrety.

0 km
7 éve / BIO-HAZRD

Just the one I needed

1 km
7 éve / BIO-HAZRD

Just getting started. Dropped tb.

0 km
7 éve / BIO-HAZRD

Was able to pick up my ordered items and get the challenge started.