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Table of contents
  1. About GeoKrety
  2. Make your own GeoKret
  3. GeoKret types
  4. Log types
  5. Fully supported waypoints
  6. Partially supported waypoints
  7. How to log dropping to geocaching.com cache
  8. Acceptable geographic coordinate formats
  9. The iconology (how to edit and delete your log, upload a photo etc)
  10. Reference Number and Tracking Code
  11. Altitude and country code
  12. QR Code
  13. Email2GK gateway
  14. GK mole-holes and GK hotels/motels
  15. Other Trackable items databases
  16. Personal data protection
  17. PGP/GPG public key (76B00039)
  18. Felhasználási feltételek
  19. GK cookies policy
  20. HTTPS and SSL encrypted connections
  21. Need more help?
About GeoKrety

GeoKrety (From Greek geo = ‘earth’, and Polish krety = ‘moles’) is a service similar to TravelBug(TM) or GeoLutins, aiming at tracking objects you leave in geocache containers. People move these registered objects (called GeoKrety) from cache to cache and register each move with this service. The trip of each GeoKret is then presented on a map.

foto kreta
A mole

How to pronounce geokrety? ;)

GeoKrety are not a trade item, you do not have to put something in the cache to take a GK, and you should not take something from a cache in trade for a GK. If you should take something from a cache, you should make a trade, and you can place the GK.

The service is absolutely free (contrary to TravelBug) and easy to use. A GeoKret can be anything, but in most cases it is a small puppet.

Please see (and edit, if necessary) the article about geokrety at Wikipedia.

Make your own GeoKret

YouTube Watch an instructional screencast about registering and making your own GeoKret.

  1. Have an account in GeoKrety.org service
  2. Register the GeoKret and note down the GeoKret Tracking Code (eg XF3ACS) generated by the system. This code is secret and only you and people who find this GeoKret should know it.
  3. Print a label with GeoKret's name, Tracking Code, Reference Number (e.g. GK003F) and owner on it. Attach this label to GeoKret (e.g. a puppet)

    Examples of ready GeoKrety

    example example 2 example

Then you have to:

  1. Put your GeoKret in a cache and register its location in the service
  2. Have fun watching the trip of your GeoKret!
GeoKret types
Log types
Icon Leírás
drop or drop I've dropped a GeoKret - when you've left a GeoKret in a cache.
grab or grab I've grabbed a GeoKret - when you've taken a GeoKret from a cache and are not going to put it to another cache soon.
met or met I've met a GeoKret - when you've met a GeoKret in a cache but haven't taken it with you.
dip or dip I've dipped a GeoKret - when you take a GeoKret for a cache-tour; this is the same as doing a drop and then grab - the visited location is logged but GeoKret is still in your inventory
note Comment - when you want to write a comment :)
hibernate Hibernation / archiving - when a GeoKret has been missing for a long time
Fully supported waypoints

You can easily indicate the location of GeoKret by entering either the waypoint or the name of cache. Caches from services listed below are fully supported:

The number of waypoints and the time of a last update for each database you can find here.

oc au
ee hu
Now we support waypoints from:
Partially supported waypoints
From waypoints listed below we can generate a proper link to the cache: But maybe in the future we will be able to do more. So enter the waypoint anyway.
How to log dropping to geocaching.com cache

GC waypoints are not fully supported by GeoKrety (Licensee shall not remarket, resell, and/or redistribute the Data or any derived portion(s) of the Data in its digital form to any third party whatsoever... from waypoint license agreement). However you can easily use GeoKrety with GC caches. There are two options:

Acceptable geographic coordinate formats

You can enter lat/lon coordinates in different formats:

The iconology (how to edit and delete your log, upload a photo etc)
Icon Leírás
edit - an email address, description, log entry
delete - a log entry, photo or comment
upload photo - attach a photo to a log entry or your profile
known GeoKret - you already logged this GeoKret before, now you can log it without its Tracking Code (it is provided for you automatically)
avatar - move mouse over this icon to see GeoKret's avatar
comment - you may comment a log entry or a news post
report missing - you may report a GeoKret missing if you have visited the cache where the GeoKret should be but it wasn't there
Reference Number and Tracking Code
Altitude and country code

Thanks to SRTM and GTOPO30 elevation data and lat/lon to country code conversion (geonames), each trip point has assigned an altitude and country code (a flag). According to that data, the altitude profile is drawn. Above data and plots are updated every 10-15 minutes.

QR Code

For easy logging dropping or grabbing during your trip, I've added the possibility of attaching QR code on the GK label. QR Code is a kind of bar code, which can be "scanned" by your mobile phone, which will redirect you to the proper page at geokrety.org; you will not have to enter the tracking code, everything will be encrypted in the QR. Read more about QR Code.

QR code of geokrety.org

The QR code with encrypted address of geokrety.org page.

When you find a GeoKret with QR code on the label you can:


  1. Take a photo of the code with your mobile phone
  2. Decode it and click on the url
  3. Log the grabbing or hiding the GeoKret. The tracking code will be indicated by the url.

How to decode

You can use the free software for your mobile phone, eg: Barcode Scanner

Other Trackable items databases

There are others trackable items systems:

Personal data protection

Your e-mail address will be not transferred to third parties. Your password is one-way encrypted, so it can not be revealed.

GK cookies policy

This website uses cookies to store some information necesarry to use the site in convinient way. We use cookies for: 1) Storing login information (verify logged in user) and 2) Storing language preferences. Both are absolutelly harmless. That's it! :)

However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time in your browser.


You can use secure connection (https) with our server: https://geokrety.org or use a padlock icon at the bottom of page.

Need more help?

To get more help on GeoKrety contact us or visit the forums:

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