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Idę sobie i patrzę, a_leją zasłużonych... B. Smoleń

logo of php
php : server-side scripting language
logo of apache
apache : web server application (and extensions)
logo of mariadb
mariadb : relational database management system
logo of docker
docker : operating-system-level virtualization
logo of git
git : source code management
logo of github
github : project management, hosting
logo of travis
travis : continuous integration
logo of codacy
codacy : manage code quality
logo of crowdin
crowdin : manage translations
logo of adnanh/webhook
adnanh/webhook : configurable incoming webhook server
logo of Sentry
Sentry : Open-source error tracking
NASA SRTM : SRTM-30 to get the altitudes
logo of Bootstrap
Bootstrap : HTML, CSS, and JS framework
logo of flag-icon-css
flag-icon-css : A collection of all country flags in SVG — plus the CSS
logo of robot framework
robot framework : Automated tests (used by geokrety-website-qa)
logo of reCAPTCHA
reCAPTCHA : Secure captcha (stop bots)
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