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Geocaches map


As we have been collecting waypoints of significant number of caches (2012/01/07: 665937) caches around the world - click here for a list of supported services) we decided to generate a transparent map of those caches for garmin units (img format). Now you can have all those caches on one map (actually: mapset).


The map is designed for newer units (Garmin Nuvi, HCx), but with older ones should also work fine.

The map was tested on Garmin Vista HCx, but on other recivers should also work fine (If you have a nice screenshot from your receiver, please send us. We would like to see the map in action!).



The map is generated every day (at 3AM CET/CEST) and is avaliable as:


Screenshots (Garmin Vista HCx)

icons russian australian
How to find
List of caches
Appropriate settings

Authors: Angelo, filips

Confluences map


From The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location.. This is a transparent map with marked those points. For more details of the project, please visit the Degree Confluence Project webpage.


The map was egnerated once, so there is no need to make updates :)


Vista hcx screenshot

Author: filips

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