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GK type icon Mamba czarna (Traditional) by Antkowy_Kajet
Reference number
Total distance
5807 km
Places visited
1 year ago
Country track
(256) → (16) → (28) → (1) → (2) → (1) → (3) → (2) → (52) → (2) → (1) → (1)

Mamba czarna jest największym jadowitym wężem w Afryce, o długości przekraczającej 2,5 m, ale dochodzącej niekiedy do ponad 4,5 m. Nazwa gatunkowa węża pochodzi od czarnej barwy wnętrza pyska. Rzeczywisty kolor węża jest zróżnicowany, od oliwkowego, przez brązowy po lśniącoczarne. Jest to jeden z najszybszych węży na świecie, zdolny poruszać się z szybkością do 20 km/h.

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Caption: [Red flag] = start [Yellow flag] = trip points [Green flag] = recently seen

387 km
19 hours ago / kranfagel

I już nie brakuje Węgier ☺️

Fizyczny wpis 1.08.2023. Po niespełna dwóch miesiącach loguję spełnienie challenga znad Balatonu 🌊 Dziękuję!

kranfagel has used Project-GC to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

I have found required number of caches (1) in each of 4 countries (required number of countries: 4).

320 km
20 hours ago / kranfagel

We will remember this cache as "A Fish Called Fonem". A few minutes after signing the logbook, we were heading back to our place, our beloved dog Fonem 🐶 got so interested in the water that he fell down from the molo. He can't see very well and we didn't know if he could swim so I rushed to save him. Fortunately, he managed to go back on his own so I only needed to grab him from the water without me getting wet.

What an adventure... 🐶🌊

192 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Nothing here

24 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Ahhh I don't know if it's the weather today (🌧️) or we are so tired after a few days of travelling, but I didn't like the field puzzle at all. At first, I was excited about it. Did a marble race to find out which is fastest. Then tried some anagrams. Then maybe the slowest? A call to a friend. He does not remember since he had been here a long time ago. Then tried with brute force but no luck here too, as I gave up too quickly. Went back to the car and then saw the hint, and 🤦‍♂️

In my opinion, the field puzzle should always be complete and rely on the field stuff only. It should not be REQUIRED to read the hint to get to the cache. It's a hint though, it should help you when in trouble 😵‍💫

I was really grateful that the cache is under the roof because we will be soooo wet otherwise.

We managed to open the box finally but as I said - IMO the "hint" should be also written somewhere inside to make it fully a "field puzzle".

Last but not least - smart idea ☺️ and another Geo Tour cache on my way 💙

202 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Drove here just to get the second region of Croatia. This makes it the first country I have found all regions in 🙈 Maybe I will finish my own country some day?

I was glad to also find out that some have found it in a 15 country trail a few days ago. On the same day I managed to get 8 countries in one day. Maybe, some day, I will try to get the 15... or more? 😅

0 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Nothing here 😮‍💨

0 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Was afraid that I needed to actually go to the "out" side of the wall. Thankfully, it's not required. Thank you!

1 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

So many hesitations which side is the right side 🙈😅

Found! It's hard to find a parking place nearby, so it took me three days to place myself at GZ. Worth it!

Thank you!

21 km
1 day ago / kranfagel

Didn't find anything

3 km
2 days ago / kranfagel

Amazing place. We were in the clouds - literally ☁️☁️☁️ The view was far from perfect but still - magic place. Thank you!