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GK-Typ Symbol GeoTrain (Traditionell) by BIO-HAZRD
Gesamte Entfernung
1106 km
Besuchte Orte
vor 8 Jahren

My goal is to visit as many other trains around the world as possiable.

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57 km
vor 1 Woche / J437185

Next stop was the Rochelle Railroad Park to see some freight trains in action.

84 km
vor 2 Wochen / J437185

Visiting Illinois Railway Museum for the Museum Showcase Weekend, the first time that the museum stayed open all night.

25 km
vor 2 Wochen / J437185

After getting off the Blue Line downtown, I went to LaSalle Street Station to board a Metra train to the suburbs.

29 km
vor 2 Wochen / J437185

I took the train that connects the terminals at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and then boarded a CTA Blue Line train to downtown Chicago.

910 km
vor 3 Wochen / J437185

This is where I found it. The owner BIO-HAZRD was the last finder of the cache but it was not logged there.

vor 3 Wochen / J437185

I was surprised to find this in a Terracache that had not been found for eight years. (TCA7K in Illinois) This is the first time I've heard of GeoKrety.

0 km
vor 7 Jahren / BIO-HAZRD

Just the one I needed

1 km
vor 7 Jahren / BIO-HAZRD

Just getting started. Dropped tb.

0 km
vor 7 Jahren / BIO-HAZRD

Was able to pick up my ordered items and get the challenge started.