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Welcome to GeoKrety.org! This service is similar to TravelBug(TM) or GeoLutins and aims at tracking things you put to geocache containers... read more... If you found a GeoKret, enter the tracking code here:
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52861 registered GeoKrets, 26027 GeoKrets hidden 30737 users
65078200 km done by all GeoKrets (it is 169.30 x distance from the Earth to the Moon, 1625.27 x the Earth equatorial circumference and 0.43501 x the distance from the Earth to the Sun).
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Tomorow (10th February) GK will be down
Comments (1) - 2015-02-09 (GK Team)
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en Tomorow, 10th February from 8 to 17 CET, geokrety server will be down due to power outages in our server room. Sorry for inconvienience.
pl Jutro (10 lutego), w godz. 8 - 17 serwer geokretów będzie niedostępny z powodu prac elektrycznych w serwerowni. Za utrudnienia przepraszamy.
New GK map available
Comments (3) - 2014-09-21 (filips)
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en Mathieu, a c:geo contributor (simple yet powerful unofficial geocaching client for Android devices) prepared a site with map of all geokrety: http://geokretymap.org/. BTW: support for GK in c:geo is comming!

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